Hip Hop Agency

Hip Hop is a worldwide culture. It’s all about networking and supporting each other. Through our work we have contacts all over the world and if you search for a special artist or support for your event, let us know.


You are planning a show, a festival, a party?
You need a host who will make everybody jump up and down?
For your gig your band needs a B-Girl in LA?
For a party you need a DJ in Barcelona?
You are looking for dancers for your video?
G raffiti artists in New York?
Lockes in Tokyo? Poppers in Zurich?
MCs in Wellington?
Beatboxers in Melbourne?
A B-Girl in Berlin who raps in Spanish?
Or how about a B-Girl who is also a world champion in air-guitar?
We can help you to find the artist you are looking for!
Please check the talent button for information about some of the artists we represent.

Events Planning

You want to integrate a b-girl battle into you festival?
You would love to organize a Hip Hop Film Festival and don’t know how?
We are experienced event planners.
Check out the flix of last years We B*Girlz battle at Lincoln Center in New York City.

Writing/Text Editing

You are working on a book/film/concept and have text that needs editing?
We have collaborated on several books and are experienced Hip Hop editors.
You want to publish an article about b-girls?
You are an event organizer and need profiles of the participants for the press?
You are a b-girl and need a profile for promotion? You need a press release for your event? We are experienced in all the aforementioned.


You have a Hip Hop text, book or subtitles that need to be translated? English to Japanese? Korean to German? Of course you don’t want to lose the Hip Hop flavour and regular translators don’t know the terminology. We can help you to find the right person to work with.


You want to document your event? We have been working as a photographer/video-grapher team for many events.

Photography Exhibition

You want to organize a Martha Cooper exhibition? Let us know and find out how.

Film Screening

You want to screen our film Redder than Red or any of the other “Women in Hip Hop” related films mentioned on our FILM page? No problem, just contact us.