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We B*Girlz Battle at BOTY Warm-Up Party

Most of you will already know, France made it!
Congratulations B-Girl Val and Flavor Roc!!!
The event was so much fun! The atmosphere was great, the audience really enjoyed the battles - apart from that it was really packed this year, sorry for that- and the B-Girls were rocking the house! The final battles were intense!
The winners of the We B*Girlz Battle not only won a cash prize, PSPs and clothes from Nikita, Tom Nixx and We B*Girlz. But the best thing was that they got invited to the R16 in Korea next year! Thank you Johnjay and Charlie!
We want to thank all the girls and the judges for participating, thanx to Trix for hosting, big up to all the staff and the BOTY organizers for their support and also thanks to the audience - it wouldn't be happening without you!

You can check a clip of the final battle (thanks to whoever put that on youtube) on our myspace page. We are working on a better version, will keep you updated!

I don't think I need to tell you that Korea won the crew battle again, do I?
Well, in case you didn't know, Extreme Crew (Korea) won the final battle and Turn Phrase Crew (Japan) won Best Show.
Check www.battleoftheyear.de for more information!



b.supreme / London

b.supreme was great! I met lots of my girls there and they had a great program! Lots of fantastic shows on the wonderful stage in the Royal Festival Hall in London and some exiting battles.
Congratulations to SunSun for winning the B-Girl battle, and to Clara for winning the Freestyle battle. I'm not sure who won the UK against the World battle, but all you girls just rocked!

b.supreme - an instalment of Hip Hop Dance Theatre, DJs, MCs, Spoken Word & Beatbox Artists, Film Screenings, Discussion Panels, Dance Battles and Workshops. Hosted by Nikewoman spokesperson Kymberlee Jay, and legendary US b-girl Asia One.
Congratulations to Holly and Judy for organizing this great event as a platform for female artists!


BACK TO SKOOL!!! - Rubinia DJanes - DJ school in Switzerland

Check it out! DJane Mithras opened up the first school for female DJs in Switzerland in 2002 and handed down her skillz to many girls since then.

All you chicas in Basel - go and learn to spin! We need more female DJs!


Launch of Rap History Party Series / Berlin

Rap History is a monthly party series for fans of ambitious jams. They will play rap releases of individual years in chronological order. In November they will play releases from 1979, in December from 1980 and so on.

The series started tonight with the "PREQUEL", only music that paved the way for rap will be played. Dress Old Skool!


Octogon World Rumble / Switzerland / October 6th

The Octogon was da bomb! It was the first time we were able to check it out and the concept is amazing! The B-Boys have to battle in the smallest space I've ever seen somebody dance in! Control is the key word!
Get ready girls and practice it the Octogon as we are going to have an Ocotogon battle at the We B*Girlz Festival in August 2008!
Winner of the Octogon in Switzerland was B-Boy Fuego from Bulgaria. Congratulations Fuego! EZ Mike from Switzerland won the special price for best breaker, as Alien Ness decided, he was the one who made the most use of the space. Congrats to you too EZ Mike!


Red BullBC One / South Africa / Sept 22

What can I say? The Red Bull BC One in South Africa set knew standards. I bet ya'll checked the photos of the amazing location in Soweto. All I can say is WOW! The athmosphere was highly charged and the battles were intense. All the B-Boys were great of course, but Ronnie earned his victory. Congrats Ronnie! I had such a great time in South Africa with all of you guys! Thanks to Red Bull for making it happen! Peace!

Check out more info, photos and videos on the website.



5 years of Hip Hop Huis in Rotterdam

On the 1st of September, we went to the 5 year anniversary of the Hip Hop Huis in Rotterdam. They had a great all day blockparty. 75 Artists from different countries were performing on stage, participating in battles and giving workshops. Darryl won the popping battle and Perfect Strangers from Switzerland won the 5 on 5 breaking battle (by the way, there were 3 girls in the crew). They had been kicked out in an earlier round, but as the number of crews was uneven, they came back in as the lucky losers and in the end they won! Congratulations to the winners as well as the organizers! It was a successfull event with lots of visitors and participants. We had an excellent time! Thanx to the Hip Hop Huis for doing a great job for 5 years already! Keep up the good work!




Catfight Magazine #07 out now!
The 7th issue of Catfight is here! The new Catfight is filled with females representing their skills in Hip Hop, art and graffiti.
- Event report of the ConceGraff Fem07
- Interviews with: Fefe Talevera, Jee-Nice from Anattitude.net
- New Media: Bombshell - StickerCity - Anattitude #2
- Expo's by: Swoon - Ephameron - Koralie

Catfight is an all female graffmagazine that shows all aspects of graffiti. Since our foundation in April 2005, we aim to publish our magazine 3 times per year to show you the best and most recent works.
Visit this link to download Catfight #07 and enjoy!
F.Lady (editor)



Summary of B-Girl Be Festival
It's almost 4 months ago that we went to the B-Girl Be in Minneapolis and I wanted to report much earlier. Sorry it took so long! All I have to say about B-Girl Be: Fabulous!!! It was definitely worth the trip! Seeing all these girls do their thing was wonderful. There was an amazing vibe and good energy. There were so many girls painting the walls, so many b-girls rocking the floors and amazing DJs and MCs, too. Music, Spoken Word, dance, films, discussions, workshops, parties - the days were full of excitements. The organizers of B-Girl Be did an amazing job! Big up to you girls! They organized a fantastic event for the third year in a row with limited funding. They definitely need and deserve more financial support next year!!! So if any of you have any sponsorship ideas for B-Girl Be, let us know! Please check out their website.


PLEASE SUPPORT! Research on dance injuries - important for your health!
At the B-Girl Be we met a couple of girls who are working on a great project for you. They are doing research on how dancers get injured and help them to prevent injuries and to get cured afterwards. They had great success in modern and classic dance and now they are doing research on Hip Hop dance. THEY NEED YOUR HELP! They have an online survey that you can fill out. The more dancers that fill this out, the more knowledge they gain. They want to hear from girls and guys, Breakers, Poppers, Lockers, House, Street Jazz, Krumpers, teachers, choreographers, all types of Hip Hop dancers. You will also receive a link to information on free and low cost healthcare. The survey can be accessed here: www.hiphophealth.co.nr

There's more info about the study at www.myspace.com/shawpt
Your participation in this survey helps you and all of the Hip Hop Dance community. This will assist healthcare workers to understand more about the injury patterns in Hip Hop Dance. Thanks for your participation and help!


August 10 - Start of "Where My Ladies At?"

Where my Ladies At? is an interactive documentary that’ll go online
on August 10. It’s a documentary about the crossover of porn and Hip Hop, about the exploitation of women in rap videos. They will have a forum where we will be able to discuss the issue and they are planning on having a timeline for women in Hip Hop.

Go check out their site and let’s talk! See you there!



We B*Girlz - Festival for Women in Hip Hop - August 2008

Hi everybody! As most of you know already, we will have a festival for women in Hip Hop next year in Berlin. We wanted to give you a short run-through on what we are planning to do. We will have a festival over several weeks, with beginners’ workshops for girls in the different fields of Hip Hop as well as in multimedia, like photo, video, website and so on, so they can learn to document their own culture and change the image of women in Hip Hop. We will also have skateboard and BMX workshops.
We are planning to have master classes within the last week with women from all over the world and then we want to finish with a big 2-day event with battles, performances, panels and more. During the festival, we are planning to have a film festival with films about women in Hip Hop and exhibitions at different locations in Berlin. We will have a magazine with information about the festival and about women in Hip Hop and extreme sports. These are just the basics and more information will follow.
One of the most important points that I want to talk to you about is:
How will we get as many girls there as possible?
Since we don’t have unlimited funding and therefore can’t bring all of you, we want to advice you to network and form collectives! There are many possibilities to get funding for artists to travel to events. We all need to learn how to get funding and therefore that is one of the panels we are planning to have at the festival. If everything works out, there will be female event organizers from different countries discussing these things. So girls-start the planning early so we can all come together next year! Peace!




Search for Films!

During the festival next year, we will have a film festival with films fitting into the concept. The films will be shown in the Eiszeit cinema in Berlin Kreuzberg which is the only cinema in Berlin in the hands of a female owner, Suzan. We now had the idea to not only organize a film festival for women in Hip Hop next year, but also organize a women’s film night every month, starting as soon as possible, showing films of female filmmakers about topics interesting for women in general. If you are a female filmmaker or made a film about women in Hip Hop or female Skateboarders etc. please let us know and email some information about your film. Thanx for your support girls!





The second edition presents Parisian Hip Hop featuring PRINCESS ANIÈS, the princess of French rap. Also appearing: Hip Hop dancer DHHAM DE COEUR, old school writer and tagger queens LENIE & KENSA, filmmaker KEIRA MAAMERI, Europe's only Hip Hop goldsmith BÉA ANJUNA, B-Girls ZOU and JESKILZ. AM's special guests: KIN, the MCs from overseas. And as an extra goodie, a new chapter of AM's unique female old school Hip Hop history: FRENCH RAPHISTORY! Watch out for Anattitude Magazine Edition 2 - the Parisian Edition- french/english - 8 Euro -More information:


Winners of R-16 or: I LOVE KOREA!!!
Marty and I were invited to the R 16 in Seoul, which was a massive international B-Boy crew battle. Let me tell you about this event. They invited 16 crews to Seoul and had them battle at the Olympic Stadium for 2 days, the judges were Swift Rock from Germany, Poe from LA, and Ken Swift from New York. The first day was for the show contest. Mortal Combat from Japan won, followed by Drifters from Korea and Tsunami Allstars from Brazil. The second day was battle day, it was a great event! The audiance was jumping up and down and the crews were giving their all. 1st place was won by Rivers Crew (Korea), 2nd place by Flowmo (Finland), 3rd place Massive Monkeys (USA), 4th place Tsunami Allstars (Brazil), Fresh Award by Style Crax (Germany).
I wanna give a big shout-out to the organizers and the sponsors of this event. This event definitely raised the bar. It was very well organized, all participants were taken great care of and the standard was very high. But not only did I really enjoy the event, but Korea as a travel destination. The people are extraordinarily friendly, the country is beautiful, the capital Seoul offers so much exitment next to great sightseeing and the food is just fantastic. I gotta admit - I fell in love with Korea!


Winners of We B*Girlz Battle at BOTY France
The We B*Girlz battle in Montpellier was da bomb again! As was the whole Boty France. The Japanese girls Narumi and Shie-Chan won the battle again, followed by the French b-girls Valentine & Nadine, who will therefore be representing France at the We B*Girlz Battle at BOTY International. There will be a qualifier at BOTY Japan, too, but we are still looking for a sponsor to fly out the winners to the international We B*Girlz battle in October.
Japanese B*Girlz are dope and should join in - any ideas girls?

Photo by Trix who seems to be spacing out a little here...

Opening of Hip Hop Headquarters in Berlin - Big success!!
Last weekend the Hip Hop Headquarters Berlin, housing the record labels MZEE Records and Berlin Massive (www.berlin-massive.de) opened their doors after months of construction work. The event in cooperation with the opening of the whole complex of the Marienburg in Prenzlauer Berg with several entrepeneurs such as GRACO (Graffiti Company Berlin - www.graco-berlin.de) attracted thousands of visitors and was great fun for everybody, with life music, German rap talents and breaking competitions.
Great times ahead for the Hip Hop community in Berlin!


Proudly presenting the winners of SHE GOT GAME in Australia

· 1st Place - Burn Masters - Beta + Vendetta

· 2nd Place - Domestic Apes - A-B-Girl + Yaya

· 3rd Place - Vivid Vixens - JessFX + Kasi

Congratulations to the winners!!!

Big up to the organizers!




We B*Girlz Battle at BOTY France - May 18

Don't miss the annual We B*Girlz Battle in Montpellier! It's on the day before BOTY France. They always have a great international line-up and the atmosphere is great! Hope to see you there!
photo © Martha Cooper




Street Play New Book by Martha Cooper

You gotta check it out! Great pictures of kids playing in the Streets of New York City when Hip Hop was born.

From Here To Fame Publishing